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I am especially interested in the diferent rims on the teacups. If they have brown stamp and say pat pend or US pat they are really vintage. I'm glad to learn of the Made in China pieces because I keep seeing pieces in antique shops for the set I didn't know exsisted. The vintage ones are beautifully painted and the colors are bright. They made many serving pieces in the vintage and if you look on ebay, you will be amazed.I own a huge set that I have collected as it reminds me of my mom.As I'm sure you know, Friendly Village, as with most of Johnson Brothers dishes is a transfer pattern.

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With the Chinese made versions, I believe they now use a process that applies the transfer and colors all at the same time, eliminating the need for hand decorating.

I have a mixture of pieces with the green and brown back stamps.

I admit the England made pieces, especially the older ones are much better quality.

I personally feel the quality started deteriorating somewhere in the 1980's.

The red and green marks on the backs were the artists marks.

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