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I get the idea that walking to a gym, particularly if maybe you're not feeling great about your body or that your body maybe doesn’t work the way that you want it to work, walking to the gym for the first time is intimidating. I remember going to the gym for the very first time and feeling like everyone else knew exactly what they were doing and they’re all looked like they’re on programs and knew how to use all the equipment in there. I also write a fitness blog that I’ve been doing for about 3 or 4 years now. Dave: That’s actually what I thought was really cool about your business and one of the reasons I wanted you on the show here is that you do have that mix between working with people face to face and then also providing some great tips through your blog. Dolores wrote a question in, and I know this is probably one. Dave: When you work with clients maybe who are new to exercise, then what do you do or what do you recommend to someone like Dolores who feels like I know I want to start going to the gym, but it’s really scary.While I wasn’t, didn’t know how, and if it worked it was all foreign to me. I just want to say thanks for writing in, because I know there’s a lot of listeners who are in a very similar position, who are new to exercise and probably feel like, “Oh I wish I could get started but I just don’t know where to begin.”I’ve brought a personal trainer on the show today because specifically Dolores you mentioned that idea of not being able to find a trainer who is able to really commit to helping you. I don’t know who the trainers are that you’ve encountered, but there are so many passionate professional trainers out there who really would be committed to working with you or anyone else who’s just starting. Dave: I appreciate you coming on because I know that you're a full time personal trainer fitness instructor and also just had a baby, so I imagine life is a little busy for you right now. Dave: Can you tell the audience a little bit about the work that you do, the type of clients that you work with, what’s your passion in terms of health and fitness? I work at a country club and it’s kind of my full time job. I know you’ve written articles on other websites and for different fitness blogs around the internet, so it’s kind of neat. You’ve probably heard your clients talk about this, the idea of being self-conscious when they first start working out. Sarah: Well, before I started working at a country club which is a private gym so it’s kind of nice in that aspect, I worked in a lot of big box gyms.In Victoria,if I type abt Mi experience of the loser #jamesbeauassault, Iam,oknow,but the moment,tweet Scotch, College “Boys School”,,,#College Collage,,,bingo.!

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Dave: Yeah, so for someone who is new, then getting into fitness and exercise and they want to stay motivated, it is going to be a challenge, really to someone start their exercising and they just feel fired up all the time. men near ‘got their backs up’,cold sharp critical-ready,ready-to-attack,,,# front grill, you better get out of the way. #Los Angeles Deals #Sylmar #great Deals #porter Ranch #Chatsworth #West Hills #Reseda #Shadow Hills #San Fernando Valley #San Fernando Valley Deals #North Hills #truck F6Dw or #offensive behaviour in the #workplace should not be tolerated.It's hard to imagine that more exercise could actually prevent you from getting results, but it happens all the time. There is a very specific "breaking point" at which your body actually loses ground as you exercise more. But Dave: Hey, thanks so much for joining me in this episode of the Make Your Body Work Podcast.As you know, this show is all about helping you live a healthier and happier life. Dolores says, “I find everything about losing weight challenging.Today’s show is particularly for people who are maybe new to exercise or haven’t been in exercise routine for a long time and are looking to get back into that routine and maybe feel a little bit intimidated or unsure about how they get started. I’ve led somewhat a sedentary lifestyle for the past 20 years.

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