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Her hair is long, straight and black, and her skin is the colour of rich clotted cream.

Her eyes are large, almond shaped, slightly tilted to the outer corners and black as midnight, giving her an exotic look.

At around five foot six inches tall she is not tiny like her mother, and her figure is pure North American, with breasts that Jake once described as a “a nice couple of handfuls,” meaning not plentiful but large enough to be satisfying, and long, slim legs topped by a nice, small but well-rounded ass.

Jake and I had both known her since high school and had both lusted after her for years.

Pete and Sylvie were the first to arrive at seven o'clock sharp.My wife Melanie, who has the longest, most elegant legs I have ever seen on a woman, was wearing a simple, sleeveless, scarlet silk sheath that clung to every curve of her excellent body and just barely reached below her panties.The round neckline was high and modest, but the modesty was belied by the fact that she was obviously not wearing a bra under it.The sheer silk was draped over rigid nipples that protruded conspicuously through the sheer fabric.Her waist-length, straight, dark-brown hair was pinned up in an elaborate coif and she was wearing gold open-work sandals with five-inch heels and ankle straps. Pete's wife Sylvie is a beautiful Eurasian girl, born in Canada but with an English father and a Chinese mother.

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