Childless by choice dating

But what it doesn't say is that we are also more likely to be married at the time of our first birth, late in our fertile years as motherhood may come.

When a childless woman marries at age 35 or older, the CDC reports that these women have at least two children, surpassing the birthrate for all American women; the mean number of births to women ages 15-44 is 1.3, but for women who have a child between ages 40 and 44, the mean number of births jumps to 2.1.

"As much as I want to be a mom, I couldn't marry a man I'm not in love with," she said.

"And now, I may never have kids." Joanna, a single 38-year-old attorney who left the partner track to move into the less demanding (and lower paying) role of legal marketing in order to attract men who did not find her profession competitive with theirs, is frustrated: "Here I am, almost 39, and I gave up so much potential in my career and frankly, in my income, just so that the men I dated no longer assumed that because I went to an Ivy League law school, I don't want to be a mother.

Self-reported answers on a questionnaire are almost worthless.

If one asks women whether they intend to marry and have children the easiest answer that would result in avoiding negative judgment is "yes".

The CDC reports that of the 19% of women who remain childless between the ages of 40 and 44, half are childfree by choice.

It may be that some women either don't want to marry and have children, or they haven't given it much thought.

'childfree.' About 5 percent are unable to have children. As the Time article reports, childless women are among America's wealthier and more college-educated women.

Unfortunately, that data helps propel the myth that we are too career-oriented, too self-centered and too selfish for motherhood.

Being single and childless by choice means you are selfish or irresponsible. Having a child you don't want and ending up a bad mother like you no doubt are is a selfish form of keeping up with the Joneses.

Being single and childless by circumstance means that there is something wrong with you that drives people away. So people who don't have children are ALL selfish and those who don't have something wrong with them?! Some people literally don't want to have children for some of the least selfish reasons. Having the self-awareness to not have kids you wouldn't be emotionally available for or able to provide with all the right things in life is actually the least selfish thing a person can do.

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