Dating a guy with std dating senior couples

I told her she is nixing a lot of potential good guys by scaring them away with this info - esp since some guys won't even know or understand what HPV is, how its easy to transmit, etc.But she thinks honesty is the best policy up front - and doesnt want to be disappointed later on if the guy she is seeing for 2-3 months dumps her because he isn't told right away, kwim?Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.You'd just tell them you had HPV, not "An STD."Acetaminophen isn't aspirin; however, my point is that referring to HPV as an "STD" is true but misleading, sort of like referring to Tylenol as "Drugs." You wouldn't tell your date that you are a "Habitual drug user" just because you occasionally take tylenol, even though that would be technically correct.

One of my single friends is getting back into the dating world after recovering from a long term relationship - she is in her early to mid 30s and was diagnosed last year with HPV.

They hear "HPV" and they think "HIV" or some type of STD thats incurable, or they think its similar to gonorrhea and that she just needs to take medicine and one day it will disappear.

The fact is, I didn't even know about HPV or how common it was until she got diagnosed!

I was curious to see how guys would respond to this scenario..

Right, but most of the guys she talks to aren't aware of the differences.

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