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This is the era of the Illuminati worldview — that everyone who is famous, or close to everyone, owes that fame to the power of a secret cabal.It is also when the theory arose that gangster rap was concocted by the private prison industry.There are also clues buried in the band’s songs, including Lennon saying “I buried Paul” at the end of “Strawberry Fields Forever” (he’s actually saying “cranberry sauce”) and the line “He blew his mind out in a car” in “A Day in the Life.” Play the songs in reverse and you get even more evidence, like the nonsensical phrase “Turn me on, dead man,” which you can hear, if you strain, while listening to “Revolution N. This, at least, is what the some hard-core Avril Rangers think.When Lavigne succumbed to depression in 2003 and killed herself, her record label couldn’t accept the loss of a cash cow, so it did what anyone would do and replaced Lavigne with Vandella, who will now be known as New Avril.

You don’t argue about who “really” wrote the classic songs of the Delta blues, for instance, and probably wouldn’t argue about whether someone other than Francis Ford Coppola was behind the movies he directed in the auteur era of 1970s Hollywood.

Music, film, literature, TV, and anything else a celebrity might touch are organized by “genre” (do you like reading about zombie pop stars or Illuminati Svengalis or secret authors of famous books?

) and presented pure — that is, not as investigative claims but conspiracy theories.

Who really killed Natalie Wood, or Bob Marley, or Albert Camus?

Especially delectable were those theories about people who hadn’t, as far as the public knew, actually died, but whom the paranoid suspected had in fact died, probably quite suddenly, only to be haphazardly “replaced” by the people around him or her who didn’t want to lose their cash-flow source.

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