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Wisniewski recommends that people ask probing questions to verify someone's authenticity online, and meet for the first time in a public setting.During an initial appearance Sunday, a Maricopa County judge said the county will appoint Johnson a public defender.It seems the rich and famous, especially the rich, will do just about anything to find love, and that includes a new dating app.The service caters to those very well off financially, but who were left behind when it came to love."A lot of millionaires want something more exclusive than what is already out there," said Darren Shuster with Luxy.Matteson said detectives were still working with investigators from the Maricopa Police Department to determine the relationship between Johnson and Russo.

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Russo was first reported missing in mid-April, and investigators said her cell phone's last location was in the Maryvale area of Phoenix. Matteson said Russo's body was discovered within the last week or so in a shallow grave in a desert area off of 411th Avenue near Tonopah.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office arrested 25-year-old Johnson — who was already in jail for an unrelated crime — on suspicion of second-degree murder, kidnapping, and other charges Sunday.

Russo's mother, Diana Schalow, said Johnson used a fake name to lure her daughter into meeting him — a move sometimes known as catfishing.

Shuster claims more than half the people now looking for love on Luxy make at least 0,000 a year.

"The wealthiest individual I ran across on the app in the last four months is a woman in Los Angeles, who has a 100 million dollars as an investment banker and somehow associated with the entertainment industry," said Shuster.

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