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There has been a tremendous amount of innovation in the field of electronic dance music as of late.

Although given the circumstances, the singer has been ordered by the judge to continue her recording contract with Luke and her label, Sony.

Thankfully DJs such as Kennedy Jones are bringing light to the issue.

Jones recently joined female DJ Dani Deahl for a four hour Periscope discussion on gender inequality in the industry.

All countries include related overseas territories (e.g. Also, for convenience, all licenses for the web, industrial and show reel, are for worldwide use.

It’s a well known fact that it’s not easy being a woman in the music industry, or the entire entertainment industry for that matter, but a woman in the EDM industry? In an industry predominantly run by men who sometimes think it’s okay to act with their dicks instead of their brains, as well as certain DJ’s who use women's anatomy and derogatory female verbiage as song titles, it’s no mystery as to why women are subjected to such a high degree of inequality in the industry.

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