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“After I decided (to register […] The recent troubles of a Canadian dating site, now made famous thanks to the actions of some Web pirates, are causing many to ask just what is this industry hiding from us.Among other things, this sad saga tells us that the site hosted many, many more male profiles than female; an impressive proportion of 2,500 […] A major daily recently published a short piece on millionaire bachelors looking for true love, who were willing to take unusual steps to find it.That means that there are quite a lot of unhappy people during a season which should be a festive one.I recently received a call from a 53 year old woman who felt that she had been single for too long and who wanted to sign up with us.Even today, when so many ways of connecting people exist, the simplest, quickest and most pleasant of them all is to be introduced by someone you know.How great it would be to meet someone […] There’s no doubt our initial exchanges can be decisive for what follows.Here are 3 things to ABSOLUTELY avoid during this first encounter if you’re hoping for a second date.1- Talking about your ex.We […] So many people complain to their matchmaker that their introductions are not ready for a relationship.

The post-holiday season is a very busy one for matchmakers and others who work with singles looking to meet someone new. a French website recently published a survey showing that a mere 13,7% of single women enjoy the holiday season while that number is 17,6% for men.Some are hilarious, others are pathetic and most are discouraging let’s be honest.Here is an excerpt from an article recently found on Mitsou’s website that really speaks for itself and summarizes the situation well.Those first few words certainly weigh in the balance, but don’t forget that language is not only verbal.The idea is for […] We are very happy to announce that Intermezzo Montreal has received the Consumers Choice Award 2015 in the ”High End Dating Agency Category”.

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