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One result of the mediation of information presentation is an increase in the similarity of experiences for traditional and distance learning students. Faculty-student contact time, whether in person or via telecommunications, is oriented toward interaction.As convergence and integration of multiple technologies such as telephone, computer, and television occur, seat time will be a less important measure of instructional progress than possession of knowledge and skills.Synchronous components tend to fix people in time and space, because of the cost and the places where such technology is available.

The product(s) (currently Web-based) had to be easy to use and maintain, portable, replicable, scalable, and immediately affordable, and they had to have a high probability of success, with a long-term cost-effectiveness.

Studies of the influence of media on learning have been a fixed feature of educational research since 1912.

These studies clearly suggest that media do not influence learning under any conditions.

At many conference sessions and round table discussions on teaching-learning and information technology we often hear someone say, "..need research, ...

we need to prove, knows, ..." A substantial body of educational research has been conducted on this subject.

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