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I saw the front of the school, with rectangular windows in shiny, boxy aluminum frames.Through the windows, I could see into a classroom, where the shades were only half-drawn and the lights were on inside.I tried the door but it was locked, so I stood there and waited. I couldn’t take that in.” I stayed in Newtown for two weeks, and covered the first funerals, with their little coffins, before returning to New York City in time for Christmas. My work in Newtown was among the most important I have ever done as a journalist. s I left the gym to go to work, I opened my phone and tapped a little red notification dot.

The diner was tiny, and ancient, with a bathroom in a back corner. Soto – we don’t have a teacher.’ And I couldn’t believe it.

Then I saw the portable morgue, a long, rectangular, canvas-colored tent erected in the middle of the parking lot.

Law enforcement officials worked around it, including Connecticut State Police, Newtown Police, FBI agents, and workers from New York City’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, who had responded to a request for assistance from Connecticut officials.

Later, I learned this was the car Lanza had driven to the school, after killing the car’s owner – his mother.

After photographing the car, I left the woods the same way I’d entered. I had minutes to get my photographs to the , otherwise all my effort might be for naught.

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