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November 26, 1992, the date when a signing altered the course of Manchester United history.

The five-year span which followed spawned a spate of trophies, trawlers, seagulls and sardines.

He considered himself an artist while being a footballer.

Philippe Auclair sums up: "At certain moments sport has as profound and life-changing an effect as painting or music can bring about on those who witness the act of creation.

S.; Honda, S.; Takada-Hidai, M.; Asplund, M.; Ryan, S. Bergman spaces and related topics in complex analysis: proceedings of a conference in honor of Boris Korenblum’s 80th birthday. Providence, RI, USA and Ramat-Gan, Israel: American Mathematical Society and Bar-Ilan University, pp. G.; Kubas, D.; Cassan, A.; Coutures, C.; Greenhill, J.; Hill, K.; Menzies, J.; Sackett, P.

When he was six, Cantona saw Johan Cruyff and Ajax "who pass the ball as if it were a gift" at the height of their powers and it made a lasting impression.

He was the second of three sons and indulged by his parents because of his 'special' talents.

These true supporters saw a flawed individual who, through blind belief, harnessed the will of team-mates. Margaret Carragher The paths to popular fiction may be many and varied but all provide fodder for plotlines, with authors' real-life experiences adding immeasurably to the finished product. Emily Hourican 'It took me 11 years to cook properly again.

The enigma of 'King Eric' during those years has never before been dissected with such scientific precision and presented with such humour and understanding, as in this biography. And it took meeting Kady to get me to completely move on, with Siobhan always there." So says Brighid (Biddy) Mc Laughlin, journalist, storyteller, cook,...

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