Rihanna dating dieter

Rihanna rocks a Whitney Houston graphic t-shirt while grabbing a bite to eat at Gjelina on Saturday (August 9) in Venice, Calif.

The rumors between Rihanna and Leonardo Di Caprio haven’t died down yet.

He usually has a penchant for blonde, leggy models.Dumm nur, dass Rihanna ihr Instagram-Konto da schon geschlossen hatte.Dass die Strandschönheit aus Barbados nicht einen Millimeter von ihrer Sex-Schiene abweicht, macht Rihanna nun fast täglich auf Twitter mit neuem Foto-Futter deutlich.There are new reports saying that the singer is planning to take the actor to her cousin’s wedding.In fact, the wedding is in Barbados, which is the perfect time for Leo to meet Rihanna’s family.

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