Senior year of college dating dating indian websites

It was that time when you could easily switch majors (I switched mine about three times,) and during your underclassmen days you could put your emotions on the line & give love a shot.

Dating during underclassmen years proved to be a beautiful, exciting, and easy journey.

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I like her alot and we dont see eachother everyday which is great. Its still a little akward for both of us, but it is getting better.

I am a senior and keep on shying away from relationships with any girl because the way I see it, we have to go to college and we will part ways, so a breakup is eminent...

and I just don't want to be around for the heartache...

I'm a firm believer in relationships and being honest and true to the other person.

It's all this wild and crazy partying crap that gets people in trouble.

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