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Meeting people through friends definitely was the method of choice at 67% but Online Dating still has a role to play at 49% as do other social situations.When asked about their dating experience the past year they responded on the most part that they are having trouble finding the right person who is compatible with them.Fox come up in conversation, try not to respond with a shocked ‘Oh, I never knew he is Canadian.Even though Canada’s music stars like Avril Lavigne, Bryan Adams and Celine Dion are better known to Americans, many famous Canadians have made their mark on the global stage in areas as varied as fashion like Jay Manuel, acting like Donald Sutherland, writing like Margaret Atwood and science like Sanford Fleming.Simple things like being familiar with the names of all ten provinces and three territories will help you avoid exclamations like where in the world is that now should the name of Yukon or Nunavut come up during a conversation.also Canadian women are rather proud of their Government policies such as publicly-funded health care, higher taxation to distribute wealth, outlawing capital punishment, stricter gun control, and legalization of same-sex marriage which they believe are social indicators of how Canada's political and cultural evolution differs from that of the United States.Although I couldn’t get representation from all provinces across Canada, I was still able to get a good number from the bigger cities in the country.

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Proud of their own identity As the northern neighbor of one of the world’s most powerful country, Canada is often at pains to prove its own distinctive identity.

well, I guess it depends on their options and perhaps choice to not partake in casual sex if they’re single. I would love to hear about your thoughts in the comments!

Most respondents (45%) said they never engage in casual sex (I will take them on their word because this was anonymous but you never know), but, not far behind at 42% were those who engaged in Friends with Benefits arrangements.

Its people are proud of its multicultural society and technological development but especially about the fact that they can hold their own even as the neighbor of a larger country like USA.

So if you are heading north in search of socializing opportunities, here are a few things you can keep in mind about Canadian women.

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