Updating from windows 98

Windows 10 may be a breath of fresh air compared to the version that came before, but not everyone is interested in what Microsoft has to offer this time round.

Even if you qualify for a free upgrade, you may be happy to hang on to Windows 7 or 8 — or even Vista or XP, if you’re a glutton for punishment…

Uninstall We recommend creating uninstall information before upgrading.

To do this, select the Save Your System Files option during Setup.

Software updates are obviously impossible to come by and even if you can replace a failed component, getting Windows 98 to recognise a new motherboard or printer may be tricky, for instance.

So if you’re happy to treat your old PC as you would a clapped-out old car (i.e.

The uninstall information can require up to 110MB or more depending upon your system configuration.with more time spent making it work than using it), there’s probably some life left in it, but we wouldn’t want to use an Austin Allegro as a runabout — if you know what we mean.[Related story: The clock is ticking for old versions of Windows] Born in 2001 and officially scrapped by Microsoft in 2014, Windows XP had an unprecedented run for a PC operating system.Windows 98 provides a tool for automating many of the steps required to clean-boot a system.When Windows 98 reboots, you should be in a clean environment to run Setup.

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