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Deion never saw a penny of the million his ex-wife owes him; since she refuses to work and she has no assets.

the Jasmine — Pilar informs the court that she has been unemployed for over 15 years due to her being a homemaker for Deion and the children.

He's at a place where I haven't seen him before - looking forward to life.'According to Pilar it was for her children's sake that she has remained publicly silent until now.

The couple briefly appeared on an ill-fated reality show, 'Deion and Pilar; Prime Time Love.' With an estimated net worth of million Deion provided his ex-wife with a lavish lifestyle.

Pilar Sanders has broken her silence to speak for the first time about her marriage and acrimonious divorce from former Hall of Famer, NFL star Deion Sanders, 50.

Even by the standards of celebrity splits theirs has proved vicious with allegations of infidelity and abuse, and a custody battle that saw Pilar, 42, held in contempt and thrown in jail.

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'My mom having full custody of me is all I have wanted for years.He was awarded .2 million and sole custody of his 2 sons, Shilo Sanders, 16, and Shedeur Sanders, 14.The court also saw fit to grant the 48-year-old Pro Football Hall of Famer joint custody of their daughter Shelomi, now 12.She confessed to having worked on a web series called .She also revealed that in the past, she worked on a reality show centered around Deion’s home and work life, but it was scrapped.

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